Wednesday, 13 August 2014


✎ Wednesday, 13 August 2014
I've always been the type to shun rose scents and put them into the 'old lady' category but over the past year I've grown quite accustomed to a little bit of rose in my life. Whether it's in the form of a body wash or a lipstick - I'm there! Not only is the scent soothing and relaxing but the tinted products look so natural, like they're only enhancing your features not covering them up. 

My favourite products for a light rosy scent come from the Rose et Reines line from L'occitane. L'occitane have a way of capture a particular scent and not overdoing it - that's exactly what they've done with this particular line. The shower gel offers a gorgeous light scent whilst still foaming up really well and being moisturising. Layering that with the Eau de Toilette and the scent is subtle but lasts allll day. There is also a moisturiser in the line that I do like although it doesn't get as much as a work out as the Weleda Wild Rose Body Oil*. I use this instead of a body moisturiser because, if I'm honest, I rarely moisturise my body in the winter so when I do I like it to be intense and body oils are perfect for that. 

A quick mention to one you've all probably seen everywhere at the moment but for good reason. The Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist Toner* is incredible. Not only is the bottle (and this years campaign) gorgeous but the actual product is worth the high price tag. It's balancing, hydrating and helps all your moisturisers absorb better. For on-the-go I love the Kosmea Rose Hand Cream* which is a relatively new addition to the line. The formulation is non-greasy yet moisturising and the scent lingers which I enjoy. 

Onto make up (yay!) and I have a few bits that really give me that rosy glow I love so much. For blush it's all about the Red Earth Sun Dance* shade and the Physicians Formula Rose blush. Both offer very pigmented formulation that requires a light hand but I adore the flushed look they give my complexion. For lips, if I'm after something natural and light I love the Nivea Soft Rose Balm. These balms are perfect for during the day and they really are a long time favourite of mine. To line my lips of course it's my all-time favourite liner! The Essence Lip Liner in Cute Pink is a must-have for everyone. The formulation is creamy, easy to work with and long lasting plus the colour range is quite extensive. The next two when applied heavily they give more of a pink appearance but sheered out they're both a love natural rose shade. My most worn of the two is the Rimmel Apocalips in Nova as you'll know from my constant raving - it's beautiful. I think it's one of the only lip shades I wore last winter. The other is Revlon Lip Butter in Lollipop which was one of the first lip colours I ever bought and I still adore it! 

Not directly beauty related but I've also been enjoying the Essentially Australis Rose Myrtle Essential Oil*. This was the inspiration for this post and for my growing love for essential oils. I pop a little of this in my oil burner and it really fills the whole room quite quickly. Do I prefer it over a candle? No but it's a much more cost effective way of making your living space smell delightful. 

What are your favourite rose scents or hues? 


*some of these products may have been sent to me for consideration.


  1. Old Lady scent.. haha, love it! I agree 100% and have also categorised it the same, but I too now like the freshness of rose scented products. I really must check out the Essence lip liner range. x

  2. i love both the apocalips in nova and lip butter in lollipop! two of my favorite lippies i keep on my desk at all times!

    Natalie / Salt & Sail

  3. Such a pretty post! The lip liner looks beautiful!

    Annie |

  4. The A'Kin Rosewater is lovely and slightly more reasonably priced.
    Love the look of the L'Occitane range. I am finding more and more of their products that I adore. As so often with me, it started with a hand cream.

  5. Everything looks so pretty! I never used to like rose scents but it is growing on me! The Jurlique toner sounds amaaazing. Then again, almost everything from Jurlique is!

    The Sunday Chapter x

  6. I've been trying to decide which Rimmel Apocalips laquer I want next because I LOVE them...this post may have persuaded me to get Nova. Thanks Sarah! Lovely blog.

    Cassie //

  7. Love your photography :) I have a thing for rose too! Would try to try anything Jurilique :) xo

  8. I'm not a big fan of rose scents (they make me want to gag a bit) but I do love a good rosy pink blush or lippie. Love the look of 'Lollipop', if I were to pick up another lip butter that would be one of them!

    Sheri | Behind The Frames

  9. These all look beautiful. Great post! The Jurlique toner sounds so amazing! I also love that Rose Byrne is on the cover of the mag in your picture haha. Xx

    Bec | Bec & Beauty

  10. I love the smell of the jurlique rose water spray, i need to get me some!

    Lisa | Multitasking Damsel Blog

  11. I love anything with a rose scent! I've become obsessed with it. To me it smells luxurious and comforting. I love Dior's Creme de Rose. It's the only thing I have that smells of rose, but I'm going to be grabbing more rose products.

  12. Lovely blog :) I love your photos. This apocalips lip laquer is amazing.